Feature Filmmaker

Ep. 57 - How to Tell Stories that Matter

October 27, 2021 Anna Thalman
Feature Filmmaker
Ep. 57 - How to Tell Stories that Matter
Show Notes

What kinds of films do you want to make? Will your story matter to the world?

 In this Podcast Episode:

  • "What matters most is what lasts longest" - M. Russell Ballard 
  • Both the family and films we create live on after we die 
  • Funerals, a gathering of posterity, are a testament to this 
  • Why some stories and archetypes endure forever
  • Will it pass the test of time?
  • How craft/intellectualism can be overrated 
  • Imbuing meaning improves craft more than studying the craft itself
  • You can't give in your storytelling what you don't have in your life.
  • Attempting to explore topics that we can't do justice
  • Films with important themes aren't inherently better
  • Fluency vs. what you have to say
  • How to add your voice to the Great Conversation 
  • Discovering your artistic ancestry

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