Feature Filmmaker

Ep. 60 - A Prepared Filmmaker is a Happy Filmmaker

November 19, 2021 Kent & Anna Thalman
Feature Filmmaker
Ep. 60 - A Prepared Filmmaker is a Happy Filmmaker
Show Notes

Have you ever been on a stressful film set? These days, who hasn't? In this podcast, we talk about the best way to make your experience on set enjoyable!

In this Podcast Episode:

  • The Latin root of the word “prepare”
  • How use of the word has declined over time
  • What is good preparation? Not too much or too little.
  • The benefits of preparation outweigh those of procrastination
  • How to make a plan but still not turn your brain off on set
  • Some unconventional ways to prepare a feature
  • Trust with your key collaborators as a form of contingency
  • Do you rehearse before you arrive on set?
  • Why actors with theater experience know how to prepare
  • June’s reading, older films with actors who came from theater
  • Can’t just review lines right before or rehearse by doing multiple takes
  • People who make it look easy do all the hard work when nobody is around
  • How do you know when you have prepared enough?
  • Planning around your tendencies on the preparation spectrum
  • Announcement: The Film and Family Academy doors open soon for 3 days only!

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